Sunday, September 1, 2013

Second night observing

It's the second night observing and I am starting to feel it a little. I did manage to sleep some and after that went on the run that I resolved I would do every day (it's not that impressive but helps me wake up). Trick now is to stay awake. 

Yesterday's haul was a good one and this night is going pretty well so far. We tweaked the run scrips some, it turned out the blue arm chip needed to be windowed (faster readout), a result from a script crash last night. So we are on track to doing some 15 targets again tonight. If not more...

One new development: the new night assistant asked for printed finder charts. And with those, I have now determined some of the slit position angles using...a protractor...

I'm getting into odd pairs. For example, this is a little group of three galaxies in the overlapping catalog (here). None have a redshift yet. I did the central one and the top right. Later we'll revisit and include the edge-on too.

And then there is this odd pair (?) of galaxies. Clearly *something* is peaking out above the plane f this galaxy (look here). Maybe another face-on spiral? Maybe something else?

Investigations are ongoing. Meanwhile, I got my S4G morphology paper submitted again. Got some help from a statistician friend over twitter. Everyone should have a statistician friend.

on to the next thing on the todo list.

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