Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fourth Night

I'm on top of a mountain, on an island in the Atlantic ocean, in a six story building, of which the top three rotate, collecting light millions of years old to look for the signature of what amounts to sigar smoke floating in the hardest of vacuums. It's night four. It must be Wednesday.

Sometimes you have to phrase what you do, so you realize how frakkin' awesome this job really is. I got to go with the telescope operator (there is a different term for this job now but TO seems much better in my view...) and see the opening of the dome. Then I ran back down to the control room to do sky flats.

Observing is going well. The guys at the INT were not so lucky. The power outage has borked their contol computers and now nothing is happening there. I' lucky. Weather is good too. Double lucky.

The WHT telescope with the dome door. This is not a small door.

Opening with an allmighty noise. V. cool.

the INT. At least they managed to get the dome open...

looking up.

The ISIS spectrograph I'm using

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