Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sixth Night

Well technically not my sixth night observing but I am readjusting to normal day/night rythm.
Good news this morning: the S4G morphology paper was accepted. On astro-ph here
(starting Friday). That merited a happy dance. I should have a look at the follow-up as well tomorrow.

Meanwhile some work on a Lorentz center proposal and the SoeperSecretProject (that I tweeted about...) which is also going well. The BoRG paper is in dire need of being submitted to co-authors.
And my GHOSTS collaboration paper, the NHEMESES data paper, and the Andromeda Project early results also need writing up...

Productive week. Looking forward to going home though (kids have grown SO BIG in my absence). And apparently the weather in the Netherlands is more tropical than it is here...

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