Monday, September 2, 2013

Third Night of Observing

Third night on the WHT and we have the routine down. Calibration done and dusted in the afternoon, half hour exposures for 17 targets. A record.

This afternoon skype with the fam went ok. Connection keeps dropping at random points so there is a lot of "calling you back" and mimeing "can't hear you, hanging up".

I tinkered with a script to show the slits on SDSS images with APLPY. So far no joy. Now I *have* managed to plot a line on an image befoe but it eludes me why that trick won't work now. And re-re-re-submitted 2013e. Let's see how that one goes. Also: some writing on SUPERsecret project. ssh!

I'm running out of targets for the beginning of the night and easy targets (low airmass) overall. I may split the sample in those we only need 15 minutes for (just to get redshifts, nothing fancy) and those I will want to get high s/n with a 2 hour total exposure...

I had 7 hours of sleep. But the run down the trail was a little overambitious. Completely bushed now. Time for bed.

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