Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Night Five; the last night.

This is the last night of observing and like a student cramming for an exam...I must watch out not to doublebook. It's too tempting to try to get all the objects in the run observed. I simply did not have the time for that!

Add to this that I have gotten steadily better at prioritizing the targets, and I end up wishing I had a night extra to mop up the last targets. I mentally file all this under "second guessing myself".

That said, the weather could not have cooperated any better. Superb seeing (less than 1 arsec, now it's 0.5...Hubble sees 0.1...). No techical glitches. Really nothing wrong. So excellent moment to wonder if my 30 min on as many targets as practical, supplemented with 15 min on (small but bright) targets is such a good idea. Or if I could have selected the targets better.

Feh. We have what we have. Time to generate that redshift catalog and fold it in with our SDSS master catalog.

Skyped with the Family again. Good to see the M cheerfully waving at Papa. I am nearly done. Now I have to remember how to reduce ISIS data. I have my MsC thesis notes somewhere...

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