Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Night

Tonight was the first night of ISIS observations. The clear blue sky at dinner held the promise of good conditions. Seeing at 0.6 arcsec (really good) and relatively smooth operations all round. I had some minor hiccups (oops this chip was left at fast readout, stuff like that) but on the whole good first part of the run. Of the science goals, redshifts should be no issue, spectral classification also in the bad but the attenuation curves are going to be challenging. I keep wondering if/how much I should increase integration times. But as always, it is probably better to parcel time between two object rather than spend it all on one.

This afternoon, I was still frantically obtaining position angles for all my targets. And the Skype call with the family was not very successful thanks to the spotty internet in my room. What it conveyed most was that Marten missed his papa and Charlotte would like to pack up and go to "her house".
Then I accidentally ran late getting to my instrument orientation. Fortunately ING staff know what they are doing. I got all set up and it's going well. Paid the man in stroopwafels of course.

oh and did I mention I ran for a bit? There is a trail that starts near one of the helipads. Let's see if I can do it again later today.

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