Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fire up the Paper Zamboni

The ESA fellowship is coming to a close and it is time I cleared up some almost-finished papers. Thee is a lovely result from GalaxyZoo 2 data (now public so I'd better hurry up), the S4G morphology paper has a second referee rapport (nothing major, just some minor revisions, all take time), the BoRG survey paper on Galaxy M-dwarf is close to be ready and needs to go to the co-authors (some minor revisions...more time & mental cpu), the GHOSTS paper on the stellar structures in the NGC891 halo need a major revision before it goes back to the team, just got the data on background galaxies in the Andromeda Project that is just begging to be turned into a short paper (classic case of me productively procrastinating...the key is "productively" right?) much to do!

Observing run in a week and half too. Occulting galaxies. Working title: the SNOWHITE project.
Talk to prepare, target list to finalize.

Guess vacation is over. Better sweep up those papers and get going.

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