Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Potjie Projects

Academia works on short, high intensity burns: hack day, proposal deadline all-nighter etc. And while it can be tremendously rewarding seeing something coming to fruition, that is rarely how it really works. The hack day project’s logistics and elements were gathered beforehand. The idea has been ruminated over for quite some time. And so I have an alternate to the afterburner-on project: the potjie project.

Potjie is a way of cooking in South Africa. Start with a witch’s cast iron kettle on a tripod, add veggies & meat, stew over a small coal file, and cook for ages.
And meanwhile, drink wine. The trick to a good Potjie is to keep a slow-buring coal fire going. So check in occasionally and lump a coal on.

That is a potjie project. Low rpm, long-term, check occasionally (email) and do some edfort. It is very possible that it will end with a Sprint but not how it is set up.

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