Wednesday, January 17, 2018

First day back

First day back at the office. The wxpected chaos of sorting paperwork/passwords/homework/syllabi/student projects etc etc.

The kids had another snow day. Envious.

But Postdoc and me managed to get some productive work done. Contributed slightly to a paper. And student back on the rails. The paperwork hydra is one head down. And it looks like we are heading for Hawaii in March for observing. Kewl. I mean right before mr M’s birthday but kewl.

Tomorrow is the first day of classes. My first class of 2018.

So prioritizing and knocking down a long and very mixed list of todo items is the trickier things I need to do as a professor. And it feels like there is only just enough time to do each item. In such an environment procastination abounds (“oh not right now”) and there is little or no return for planning or working ahead. Except lower anxiety. That’d be great.

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