Sunday, January 7, 2018

Off to AAS

Thisnis my first AAS in 5.5 years. That was a bit of a shocker. As a grad student I would go regularly. Winter meetings were de rigeur as that where much of the new results and job interviews were at.

So I am plunging in. As opposed to most other meetings, my goals are nebulous for this meeting. So here goes clarifying them a bit:

- meet people I have met on Twitterz in real life.
- meet with a potential graduate student
- present poster (eh)
- get a feel for US astronomy again.
- gently point out that I am back in the US now again.
- see old friends and go yay at their accomplishments
- see how Renske’s press release is going to go Wednesday. Cheer on.
- collect as much stickers etc as anyone will let me for outreach purposes. Great for school visits.
- look at STArtorialist’s booth for presents for the three birthdays happeing soon.
- see what LUVOIR is all about.
- work out some JWST proposal ideas.

Part of the anxiety for this AAS is that this same week the sester starts here at UoL. Why you ask? Because Derby. Our entire spring semester is structured around the Derby. So this week will pretty much never be part of the winter break. And I plan to go to these winter meetings more often.

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