Thursday, June 1, 2017

Inbox 0

Inbox 0 all stsrted with a google guy getting swamped with email and worrying about how to not drop things. Of course there is no simple solution but fearing a similar scenario, I converted to the inbox0 idea under Matt Kenworthy's guidance.

Optimistically, I named my categories "today", "this week", "this month". "Someday" and "waiting". Of course I do not get to all the things today in the "today" folder. Or maybe even this week. It is a rough idea of urgency level.

Better to use the South Africanisms "Now", "Now now", "Just now" and "Later".
Yes these are all future tense in increasing levels of urgency.

At any rate it seems to work well on one level: i have a simple system for my todo list. The general feeling I am dropping the ball by forgetting has abated some. Of course stuff ages out (well blew past THAT deadline) but part of the system is to be ok with that.

The good part is that it dovetails nicely with my commute. I sort my list on the bus and have my todo list for the rest of the day. And instead of urgency, I try to match up an item with my time/energy level.

So I am a fan so far. Of course; no email, and I am not doing the thing. So i send myself some too (Moar email) ...

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