Tuesday, June 13, 2017

AAPT workshop day 2

This was the first full day at the AAPT workshop for new faculty. This is a great resource for anything from developing NSF proposals to learning new teaching techniques, resources and ways to measure your progress as a college professor.

I had picked up bits and pieces from the Center for Astronomical Education workshop at a AAS and other experiences but it is very good to have it all in one place.

Some of it is a bit contradictory. For example, most speakers exalt the Interactive Learning techniques while subjecting us to high density, fast-pased lecturing.

And i hear some things I outright disagree with. Also: we were given prep homework for this thing last friday at 5pm...

lesson 1: homework assigned at this hour will not get done. Ever.

And there some other sogns of a not-so-healthy attitude to work ie references to all nighters or online meet-ups at 5pm.
no thank you. But it is a pick and match kind of workshop so I can ignore some of it.

Collating the material will be a challenge but useful. Grabbing ideas for my astronomy 101 class certainly.

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