Thursday, June 15, 2017

AAPT workshop days 2 &3

We wrapped up the AAPT workshop today and it was pretty filled. For me it was onteresting how some people latched onto certain ideas or techniques that others (eg me) found wholly unappealing.

Personal style of teaching I guess. But it really was remarkable. Another mostly unspoken thing was the toxic culture that pervades physics/astronomy. I recommended toggl to all for a variety of reasoms. First to have data on your working hours. It forces yountonfocus on just one thing. And you have a graph to show where you spent your time on. Best counter to "I don't see you around the department enough". That is an hours issue (when were you at the office...?)
and importantly. I feel ok to take time off seeing how much time I spent on this semester.

We had a final discussion on diversity/inclusion. This is tricky for a white guy (from the most overrepresented nationality in astronomy) to contribute to. I just tried to listen. Some nice practical tips to do while interacting with eg students.

All in all it has been a very useful workshop. I am busy sticking all my notes in overleaf and writing my NSF AAG proposals as a sirect result of this workshop. I highly eecommend it to any astro/phys faculty (not just starting). So much of the work has been done already by the various centers and they get you up to speed in a few days!

Stuff i want to implement:

Think-pair-share in astro and phys class

tutorials (concept work sheets) in asto class

evaluate gain in my classes. Is pur children learning kind of thing. Solehing to show on tenure review (if there is improvement...)

thoughts & ideas. Lets see where it takes me.

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