Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap

Another year gone. This one seemed to have flown by particularly fast (thanks to the arrival of Marten James Talles). Science results were not thin on the ground though. First paper from the NHEMESES survey (2012a), awarded more Herschel time for this survey, two nice results on dust lanes in edge-on galaxies (2012b and nearly submitted). 2012ab accepted in the same week that Marten arrived. That was a good week.

Oh and the final thesis paper was accepted by Astronomische Nachrichten. No more frankenpaper!

The HI Quantified Morphology series is ticking along nicely. One more accepted in 2012, one more submitted. There may be one more in the Hopper but that remains to be seen. A QM paper for the S4G is in the works too. For more HI results I'll have to wait for the WALLABY and WNSHS surveys.

LADUMA still ticking along. It's a "potje" project. Keep lumping coals on the fire under the kettle and some substantial time later, something good will come of it.

I got to go observing with the WHT on La Palma! Small occulting galaxies. The Occulting galaxy catalog by Bill Keel was finally published which makes follow-up much easier. IFU observations, Hubble proposals etc etc. That project is looking brighter.

Yes 2012 looked pretty good. And the Hopper for 2013 publications is pretty full. Hopefully this will all translate into an astro-job someplace.

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