Wednesday, January 2, 2013

oh right new year's resolutions

I'll breeze right by the "At least sub-arcsec." because that joke is getting old. Hm realistic professional goals for 2013. Bottom line: do not be unemployed by the end of it.
The ESA contract runs out in 11 months so by December 1 2013, I better have something else lined up. Working on that.

In related news & resolutions:
1. publish more papers. Yes. Even more. I need to clear the current Hopper and get the NHEMESES survey papers (already growing to be a whopper...) out ASAP.
2. Do not stress about jobs. This seems contradictory but wigging out just takes time & energy which I don't have at the moment. For example: never check the rumors page.
3. Put in HST proposals and win some.
4. Organize Workshop (at ESA).

These seem reasonable and achievable goals. No running the marathon type resolutions but stuff I think I can do.

right. back to it.

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