Monday, April 16, 2018

The Dark Matter lacking Galaxy vol3, the Memes

After the Twitter/FB storm, the astro-ph reactionary papers, the memocalypse has arrived for the Dark Matter-less (oh sorry -lacking) galaxy.  

It's the same meme, based on the American Chopper series. And all of them mock the number of data-points, the statistics debate and the fact that someone is mumbling "MOND" every so often.

Fine. We're done now right? Time to get more data on more galaxies. 

Thanks to @jegpeek @astromeara and @MiaDoesAstro for the memes.

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  1. Dark matter fills 'empty' space, strongly interacts with visible matter and is displaced by visible matter.

    The reason for the mistaken notion the galaxy is missing dark matter is that the galaxy is so diffuse that it doesn't displace the dark matter outward and away from the galaxy to the degree that the dark matter is able to push back and cause the stars far away from the galactic center to speed up.

    It's not that there is no dark matter connected to and neighboring the visible matter. It's that the galaxy has not coalesced enough to displace the dark matter to such an extent that it forms a 'halo' around the galaxy.

    A galaxy's halo is not a clump of dark matter traveling with the galaxy. A galaxy's halo is the state of displacement of the dark matter.