Saturday, December 9, 2017

The second semester

Thesecond semester asa prof is done. Can I get an "Amen! haleluja!"? Between writing grant proposals with nextto nothing in the tank, a relelntless teaching schedule and still pressures to do all teh things, it was quite the ride.

To begin with, it has been a banner year checking off the boxes that one needs to check as a starting associate prof: HST time ($), hired a kick-ass postdoc, took on students for projects, applied for NASA and NSF funding, gave colloquia, developed a phd project with a student that led to a successful Kentucky space grant, etc etc.

So many different balls to keep in the air. I could tell from a variety of clues that the stress had been getting to me (small infections take forever to heal, an involuntary muscle twitch, insomnia...ok these were not subtle).

So the next priority will be to increase efficiency on teaching/logistics. Not with the aim to do more mind you. To decrease stress. Just that.

In that particular vein, i discovered this awesome present from Matt among our things in boxes:

So that concludes a year at uol. Curious to see how 2018 will go.

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