Saturday, November 25, 2017

Science Twitter

I joined twitter a while ago. It is a great tool to learn what other people are doing and to send small BB's of encouragement to other people. The other day I stuck my neck out and asked for help with research on Elliptical galaxies. I have a student with a keen interest in galaxy-galaxy strong gravitational lensing. I had to get up-to-date with these and especially where we could make a difference.

Twitter responded in awesome fashion. And even better, Jackie Monkowiez put it all in a Storify:
Best Twitter Thread Ever!

These are some of the suggested papers:

The Great Big Review Paper
Renzini+ 2006

Graham+ 2013

Ongoing discussion on the Initial Mass Function in these following papers:

Cappellari+ 2016

Lyubenova+ 2016

Smith+ 2014

Conroy & van Dokkum+ 2012

and also there were these papers:

Schombert+ 2009/2015

Bender+ 1993a,b

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