Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tenure expectations

So far the semester has been hectic. It's clear that getting grants takes priority for faculty. Well at least the word grant was used a lot during my interview. So I have been compiling tips for what I need to achieve to get tenure. The goals seem deliberately vague (have to be really) so setting clear ones for yourself is key.

Tip 1: Start early writing grant proposals.
Tip 2: Write not at work. Coffee shop writing binge to get proposal done.
Tip 3: Use before/after class metric to test for gain. I got this from the AAPT workshop. Otherwise the committee will rely on student evaluations and those are a popularity contest.
Tip 4: Toggl your time to show where your effort went (for yourself and others)
Tip 5: make tenure box with accomplishments and kudos to remember things you did for tenure committee. This was a tip from a UoL beginning tenure workshop.
Tip 6: Done is better than perfect.
Tip 7: Ask for help. Someone already has a decent wheel invented and is willing to share. This goes for young faculty workshops especially. But also your colleagues.
Tip 8: Your department, your University wants you to succeed so listen carefully to what different people are saying.

That's it so far. Hope this will help someone else too.

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