Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Focus and number of projects

confession: i have too many projects/ideas. Combined with stuff that needs to happen (paperwork, various logistics) it makes for a bit of a mess if i am not focused and able to switch between projects/ideas.

So my current theory is that my brain inadvertently has generated the number of projects I can handle on a good day (good night's sleep, excellent coffee, after a run) and yet I am dealing with this number on mostly sub-optimal days.

So the trick really is to just focus on one or two, the things that need doing and successfully ignore the rest. Also, to not keep working on an idea that is less-than-productive. Putting projects and ideas in overleaf has helped with that tremendously. And the realization that just because the publication did not happen, the time was not wasted (although I feel there should be a Failed Ideas in Astronomy Journal). The code tricks learned, data downloaded or acquired will be useful elsewhere.

But today I have gone for a run (thank you Matt for activation), sat on the porch for a bit, had my coffee. Here we go...

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