Tuesday, April 18, 2017

First post as an Associate Professor

The blog has been quiet for a while. Why was that?...oh right. International move with kids, cold start to a 100-student physics class, the sudden urgent need to get grants, a parade of proposal deadlines...did I mention teaching and the move? 

Well the move is done. We are indeed here. Here being Louisville, Kentucky. It took a lot more work and lots of shenanigans before we actually in a house of sorts, going to work and school etc. Much has been done by Robin, especially on the school stuff. C is going through the hoops because her reading skills were off for first grade. Well. yeah. different language and schooling system. But she has been a trooper.

So I am now nearly done with my first semester. It has been okay. Many many balls to keep in the air and little time and margin to get it right. That has been very stressful. The constant feeling something would slip up and mess everything up.

Other than that. Hellooo professoring!

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