Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This week I am at PHISCC at SAAO in Cape Town. All the HI people on the planet (it seems) get together and present their work in preparation for (ultimately) the SKA and its pathfinders. I am here mostly because of the latter. After 6 years to the day, I handed over the proposal of what would become the LADUMA survey to Sarah Blyth, who just came back from maternity leave. Then I went on paternity leave because Charlotte arrived shortly after.

It's been 6 years. Both Charlotte & Sam have grown! As has the LADUMA survey. Andrew Baker joined the PI trifecta (much easier to deal with things since we can all take parts of the responsibilities) and we have a team lined up. It's coming together!

There is a LOT going on. HI source detection is maturing fast! Stacking software is growing up too. MeerKAT is now several dishes! Real radio telescope dishes. Meetings such as these are always very energizing (and slightly intimidating). I think I did ok with my talk on LADUMA. We still have no data (but that should be changing soon!).

The next PHISCC will be in China, India or Perth. hmm

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