Monday, December 2, 2013

New Job. New Proposals. And awesome ESA going away presents

I started my new job at the University of Leiden's Sterrenwacht. Hurray! Made it in bright & early this morning to get a good jumpstart on the day. As the only one it felt.
Never mind. It gave me some time to hack more on my ALMA proposals. Most Astronomers I know seem to frantically working through all the cool stuff they could do with it and getting headaches from working in Janskies and frequency instead of good ol' flux and wavelength in equal measure.

New "temporary" office (we all know what temporary in this context can mean, i.e., I won't decorate for a year and they'll move me 3 minutes after I do) has some interesting new office-mates. Two guys from North Korea! huh. On loan to the physics department I guess. And a rather random historian from time to time. okay...

I got the seat by the window. My laptop is set up now (mostly) and ALMA is due on December 5, an hour an a half after Sinterklaas arrives at the department (candy? proposal? candyproposal?).
One down and one more proposal to go. Game on!

My perky attitude is helped tremendously by the cool presents I got when leaving ESA from all the "beautiful people" (Guido included): a seriously awesome ESA jacket, fleece and dustpan. The last one because of my abiding interest in Dust.

which brings me back to ALMA! 

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