Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 in Review

It's that time of year again (Birthday, Christmas, New Year's eve) and most websites and news outlets are doing it. How has the year been?

I had to compile it anyway as part of leaving-ESA and I am pretty happy. I had nine (!) successful principal investigator telescope proposals and five as co-author.
As a first author, I had four papers and thirteen as co-author. Pretty productive. More of course are submitted or nearly ready to go.

I started a new job with Rychard Bouwens. Life in the fast lane of high-redshift. Suits me so far. It's very interesting, even if I am playing catchup here and there.

So professionally very ok. I would like to cut down the time it takes me to write papers (I am just a slow writer) or get various things done but who doesn't? Probably shutting Facebook more is a thought...

Paradoxically, my other new year' resolution is to blog more. Oh well, we will see.

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