Friday, November 23, 2012

Skinning the pigs

Several papers are in the final stages. Almost ready to go to journal, almost ready to show to coautors. The colloquialism for that is that "one has skinned the pig except the ear". They are so close to done it's maddening. Today I finished the Zoo paper on dust lanes and it's off to co-authors. Last of the quantified morphology papers is pretty much ready to go to MNRAS. Next up are the S4G morphology paper wrap-up and submission, the Milky Way in M-dwarfs paper and then there is the paper on VIMOS observations of the occulting galaxy pair.

Good thing I gave the last of the talks for this year, the Internal Colloquium at ESTEC. Chatted about HI morphology to everyone interested in galaxies at ESA.

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