Monday, November 26, 2012


I crashed the Initial Mass Function workshop at the Lorentz Center, organized by Scott Trager.
Very nice atmosphere. Excellent discussion. Too many open questions on this topic.
The IMF has been on my "need to learn more about" list for a while. We're off to a good start.
Some of my tweets from today:

Opening the hood on how to get from cluster function to stellar one good definition of a can of worms (8)

Problem in M/L in high-mass, high-metallicity environments factor 10 worse. (7)

"All problems in extragalactic astrophysics can be solved by a suitable choice of the IMF" - Dave (6)

Many claims of different IMFs in extra-galactic systems, every whichaway (5)

Bastian: claims of bottom-heavy IMF never refuted, just ignored (4)

Bastian gave props to two (ex)ESA fellows: Nate Leigh & Morten Andersen (3)

Early types with high metallicity is where IMF gets weird (2)

Nate Bastian says IMF uniform in Galaxy according to MW SF community (1)

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