Monday, July 16, 2012

PHAT, GHOSTS and the last PhD paper

Lots of emails from PHAT people on using their data for cool idea[TM]. Got told to use the public data. hmmkay. And they finally convinced me that the ZOO project on the clusters does not need an artificial galaxy test. I think they suspected I wanted to use the background galaxies as an extinction probe. Not for me anymore thank you.

commented on a nice GHOSTS paper. Got a little worried about the observational strategy (can't be helped now...) but otherwise it is a solid result.

Every astronomer I know is still working on their "last" PhD paper. No exception here. It was going to be a quick comparison back in 2008... Meanwhile Astronomische Nachrichten has nearly accepted it. Motivating myself to finally put a bolt through the Frankenpaper. Cool to round out the trio of European journals though.

Then it's on to NHEMESES poster making and posting the XUV disk results on astro-ph. I need more hours in the day.

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