Friday, July 20, 2012

pdf's in latex madness

Every time I plan to "quickly" do something, I end up fighting half a day with some weird error message. This time it was to put H12c on astro-ph (see your listing monday!) and to keep under the 15Mb total file size limit, I had to switch from .eps to pdf for the figures. This should all work but for the longest time it would not even compile. Here is what I found for the MNRAS template using tetex on the mac. It works. I may switch to pdfs as my figure format completely.


it is the last two commands that really do it. Suddenly you can use width options in the \includegraphics etc. And we're well under 15Mb for the final figure. Grand. Took all morning.

In other news. Working on my own supersecret PHAT project. Matching postage stamps may be a bit of a challenge.

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