Monday, February 7, 2022

Kleinscheiss Tag

Of course the Germans have a term for it. 

I was reading this medium article.

There is term for that in German — ‘Kleinscheiss Tag!’ — it means ‘little shit day.’”

Or I call it a “crud/cruft burn day. It’s when I discard or deal with all the little requests that have piled up in the email and todo lists. 

From unrelated comic here:

This week has been all Kleinscheiss days. Yeah I like the term. Not the activity. All of it is small administrivia or short emails.

And it’s “just this one little thing”. I let all my email etc pile up for a week just to see how much of it there was during a summer week.

Not too bad, 200 new emails to deal with. Unsubscribe a bunch, answer, and of course start dealing with the 100+ items that were sitting in the Today/This Week/This Month folders already. 

It’s happening. Doing some of the more substantial (medium Scheiss?) like replying to referee reports and what have you. But designating a day for Kleinscheiss is for the stuff that has taken on emotional baggage. You know the memes. The stuff you’d keep putting off even though it really only takes 15min. 

Blarg. Burn them with fire. Or you know. Cross out that item on the list. 

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