Friday, November 15, 2019

Confirmation Culture

I keep running into a subtle issue switching from Dutch to US culture: confirming an appointment that I was sure I had already agreed to. Everyone does this, the dentist, my colleagues, students.
And I am realizing this is a Northern European and possibly just a Dutch thing: you said a date, I agreed, it is in our agenda and it is a bit rude to assume I'm not enough of a grownup to use a...calendar.

All of use have been suffering from the "why are they calling about this again?" feeling but the worst part is where my brain has gone "done, date has been picked" only to realize that the other party saw this only as a suggestion. And it annoys my inner Dutchie. Oh boy it does. And of course if I am annoyed by this, sitting by myself, fuming that the other party is a no-show

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