Thursday, February 22, 2018


Ok I am not sure if this is a US thing or a pre-tenure thing but it really feels that I have to hustle to be on time and on target. All the time. Like. Do not get sick or sit down.

I guess part of this is that most academic work are a perfect gas: they fill the space alotted on the clock or calendar perfectly. One can always prep even more for class, edit the code or paper one more time etc.

But some of it seems to be that people (myself included) plan with fair weather in mind. No schedule has snow days or sick days built in. It still feels like a grave error to plan that way. As soon as anything does not go well, you gotta hustle.

So then people give up and everything is an emergency. All the time. (Narrator: “it isn’t”). So the real trick is to plan realistically: Built in 10-20% time for mishaps etc.

and hustle. Gotta hustle.

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