Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Student Return

This is the summer of student science returns. First my LEAPS student, Alejandro, submitted the results of his project to A&A. Nice to finish that paper. Two pairs of Bachelor students are also presenting their results soon. Both did excellent work and I am pretty confident we can turn their results into one or two papers. Much excitement. Another LEAPS student, Guido, published the results of the work he did with Rychard (and me a little) on high-redshift galaxies. It's an exciting result. A z~8.6 candidate galaxy! More z~8 results to come too.

It's fun having students work on your ideas. Good to see that initial work on defining the problem (harder than it looks) pays off in student returns (finished on time, enjoying the project and possibly publishable results). I really enjoy that part of academic work (now go hire me as an assist prof to do this all the time...).

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