Sunday, March 1, 2015

Back to Dwarfs

Now that the paper on z~9-10 galaxy sizes is out of the way again, I will refocus on identifying M-dwarfs in the Milky Way. It's a rich field with only a few other people interested. I find this so very odd but hey.

I was writing my year's report today and I found this nice graphic I made on the numbers of M-dwarfs I found in the BoRG fields. I am working with two wonderful Bachalor's students to work out what the size of the Milky Way is using these starcounts using the EMCEE, the easy-to-use MCMC code. Should be interesting...

The number of Milky Way M-dwarfs, identified using both morphology and color.
One fields stood out with 22 M-dwarfs (star). This is exactly in the middle of the
Sagittarius stream. The implied photometric distances to most of these M-dwarfs
agreed with the distance of the stream at that position. The rediscovery of this
stream in a new population of stars implies EUCLID will have an unimpeded view
of such streams at much higher contrast than optical surveys.
The mean and spread of stars in these fields will also be of use for future JWST
planning to gauge how many reference stars will be available for deep observations.

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