Tuesday, June 24, 2014

HST Cycle-22 Results

So after battling insomnia thanks to the Giant Unspecified Anxiety that I am apparently sensitive to from time to time, I got the results for the Cycle 22 HST proposals early. I had put in three as PI and was invited to a bunch more. The results were in. Two successful ones as PI and two as co-I. A bumper crop year!

The halo of M101 is going to be studied in detail with WFC3 adn ACS with the GHOSTS team and 150 occulting galaxy pairs are going to be the target for a SNAP project. V. cool. Especially the last one is a personal validation after several years in second quartile.

The other two (co-I) are z=9-10 galaxy surveys. One over the CANDELS field and one using the BoRG strategy. Very complementary. v. cool. And fits nice with my latest paper on z=9-10 galaxy sizes and my ongoing project to identify cool Milky Way.

So much SCIENCE!

Definitely a win. Bring me all the bagels and muffins in the land.

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