Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A null-result

A little while back, I asked for SINFONI data on a suspected high-redshift QSO. If we were lucky, we would get the Lyman Alpha emission (and maybe a few other emission lines) redshift right into the J-band. ESO awarded 3 hours of observing time.

That left me with SINFONI data and I don't know how to reduce it and since no more is likely forthcoming (I have no other program doing this) I was wondering if someone else could help. Enter Tiffany and Marissa. Marissa is a SINFONI expert and Tiffany wanted to learn how to run her pipeline. So they got to work. The result was a perfectly clean data-cube.

I extracted the spectrum where I hoped the QSO (of T-dwarf that's cool too) would be.

Here's the result: