Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring Cleaning of the Hopper

There are still several papers in the Hopper that need to get out. I was very happy that the M-dwarf/BoRG paper appeared. It feels like the last word on star-selection with sextractor in HST imaging. And it might be. Who knows? And the idea-that-went-in-a-drawer-for-years is now a manuscript and off to MNRAS.

But still, there is the S4G morphology paper part II to rewrite, there is a cool paper with Rychard approaching completion, I have a draft(ish) thing for using the M-dwarfs to register JWST imaging, the Dustlanes in GalaxyZoo paper needs a final check and it can go off, the Andromeda Project background galaxies paper needs an update and collaboration feedback, and the NHEMESES and LADUMA survey papers need one final push. Oh and I have a paper on NGC 891. Like you do.

So yeah. those are all at the 90% level. Just need to do the "other" 90% of the effort. Time for some spring cleaning!

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