Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CALIFA and HST data of UGC3995; more IFU data! more occulting galaxy pairs!

Sometimes a projects just rolls. Last fall, the first data-release of the CALIFA project came out. Pinged Bill about it and next thing I know he identified UGC 3995 as an interesting pair.
It is one of the few pairs with existing HST data; there is a WFPC2 from 1994 in Johnson-V.

So I played around with python scripts during my observing run on La Palma. Maps and Figures rolled out smoothly. Text for the paper followed suit. Back & forth with Bill and there it was!

This makes two occulting pairs with HST observations and IFU observations. Single pair papers have gone as far as I can take it now though. Now I need a larger sample. HST observations and more IFU cubes. CALIFA has some. HST proposal is in...

but for now...


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