Monday, April 1, 2013

Not out of the ballpak

Sometimes, I am in the middle of (or worse finishing up) a paper and already it's evident that this one is not being hit out of the ballpark. The idea was solid, maybe a bit of a fishing trip, some result came out, but nothing that would blow an audience away (challenge their thinking on a subject).

Still solid science though. I always wonder if I should have sensed this issue earlier and put the project on the backburner. Yet here I am, manuscript looking decent, plots done, in need of one more English polish and also...nothing spectacular.

What to do? Well finish it of course! Hiring by beancounter has never been more popular and the perfect candidate these days includes someone who publishes a lot...

And who knows, it might serve as an example to others.

Plus I think a good characteristic of a scientist is to report all his scientific results, not just the supersexy ones.

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